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We are lovers of out doors activities and we get excited with each new challenge; we know all the needs and motivation of those to whom we adress and we make a diference between those who are known as “crazy people”, because we call them: “real adventurers”.

we know that in order to enjoy the sun, the wind, the nature... To feel alive... You prefer practicing no conventional activities.

we understand the travellers´ philosophy of life... Which is far away from been suicidal- they know that the real challenge of extreme activities goes hand in hand with danger, knowing how to face it and if it is necessary, to give in.

For all these reasons, we have decided to found a company which offers these kind of t ouristic services, with chances of joining in “organized adventures”, which it doesn´t mean that the adventure will be less excited. On the contrary, offering highly qualified service and avoiding unnecesary bad moments and improvisation.

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Hotel Empleados de Farmacia  
Caminos del Norte - Av. Hipólito Irigoyen 305 - Salta - Argentina - Tel. 0387-4229034
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